Spirit of Vienna Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra

United under one name the best artists of Vienna – among them established musicians, soloists, and members of the greatest and most esteemed orchestras of Vienna (Wiener Phiharmoniker, Wiener Symphoniker, Radiosymphonieorchester Wien, Volkoper Wien etc.) deliver a highly skilled and extremely humorous performance of the Vienna Classics, Mozart, Haydn and Strauss.

Accompanied by ballet and singing, the famous pieces, waltzes and operas are brought back to life by the “Spirit of Vienna Orchestra”. Specifically created and uniquely choreographed ballet performances as well as new interpretations of the famous pieces help set the mood for a “Viennese Evening” the audience will remember for a long time.

In times of imitations, “Spirit of Vienna Orchestra” represent an original artistic group, the interpretation of the music being authentically experienced as part of the culture where it comes from.

As the name “Spirit Of Vienna” suggests, the orchestra tries to capture the spirit of the Viennese classical era and bring it to life in a unique show. The enthusiasm and joy these great artists bring to the Viennese musical tradition is absolutely contagious and encourages the audience to move and sing along.

The “Spirit of Vienna Orchestra” truly offers an outstanding show, not only making a valuable contribution to Viennese classics, but also to musical tradition at large.